A rough sample of the various sources available in case you want to find our more about the story. New links will be added as they become available. Googling the article/video names shouldn't be too hard in case you stumble upon a broken link.

Social media accounts:
_racchh (the account was deleted in spring 2013; it was later reclaimed to prevent identity theft)
Shelia Eddy on Youtube

TV segments:
ABC 20/20 - Unfriended (also on Youtube)
NBC Dateline - Something Wicked (also on Youtube)
CNN Anderson Cooper 360 (also on Youtube)
Doctor Phil - Best Friend Killers (also on Youtube)

Movies/TV episodes:
See No Evil - Skylar Neese
Pretty Little Killers, an episode of "I Killed My BFF" (video on Hulu)
Death Clique (VERY loosely based on - or rather inspired by - the Skylar Neese story)

The Savage Murder of Skylar Neese (ebook)
Pretty Little Killers (softcover)

Magazine articles:
Elle - Trial by Twitter
People Magazine - Killed by Her Best Friends?

Daleen Berry, Skylar Neese topics
West Virginia Division of Corrections - Offender Search
A petition to keep the girls behind bars

Online news archives:
WV Metro news

Skylar and Shelia jamming to The Medic Droid's Fer Sure Maybe, circa 2008
Shelia at Clay Battelle, also footage of her and Skylar.
Shelia asks Rachel and Skylar how they'd prefer to die, only a few months before the murder.
Shelia Eddy's trial (partial, about a quarter of the original)
Rachel Shoaf's trial